I have experience of providing bespoke consultancy on library set up, library resources and on designing information literacy programmes. I have worked with many different types of school. Following a site visit and discussion, I provide a written report with guidelines and suggestions for a way forward. Please contact me for further details ( [email protected] ).


Here are some recent case studies:

Roedean School: (initiated June 2015)

To consider how the existing library might be modernised, further IT resources implemented and potential suppliers of furniture etc. Also consideration of a relocation as an alternative.

Just had a quick read of your report. It looks great.  Thank you! I’m sure it will be the basis for discussion about the future here, and really helps to clarify a few things. I’ve forwarded it to the Head and I have recommended to her that you might be involved in any future consultancy, including any potential recruitment process. Deputy Head

Halcyon School (initiated January 2013)

To advise on the set up of a mostly digital school library in a confined space which would meet the specifications of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Programmes for a new school.  To help recruit a librarian.

We enjoyed having you with us and so appreciate your giving up your time to help us with our big Halcyon dreams!   We find you energising to say the least.....

....Thank you for coming last night to celebrate our Official Opening Celebration! It was truly a fantastic evening, and we would not be where we are today without your support, so thank you! Halcyon Team

Stonyhurst College (initiated January 2013)

To advise on resources to support the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and in particular the Extended Essay with Librarian and the EE Co-ordinator.

Thank you again for all your advice and for all the copies of your various leaflets and power points – it took me some time to get through them! I now feel much more confident. Librarian

Thank you so much for this report  - it has certainly given me much food for thought. I will be discussing it with various members of staff at school and we will be making some recommendations this term to the governing body. I am sure that we will be calling upon your services in future as we take this project forward. Headmistress

Gordon Schools Federation: (initiated July 2014)

To advise on layout of a primary and junior school library to make it more appealing to pupils. To split and weed stock from the combined library into two separate libraries and identify gaps in coverage. To give advice on future development and recommend contacts.

The Winston Churchill School (initiated September 2014)

To advise on layout of a 11-16 school library to make it more appealing to pupils. To give advice on future development and recommend contacts. To support the new temporary librarian helping them to weed stock and to identify gaps. To suggest an LMS and outlets for purchasing stock within budget.

Thank you for coming in at short notice on Monday and for the excellent, comprehensive support.  I will go through all of your recommendations with my colleagues and create a priority order to enable us to move forward.  I really appreciated your enthusiasm and expertise. Headmistress