Extended Essay/Extended Project

These courses concentrate on the skills needed to plan, research and write up an essay. They also cover the mark scheme and specific requirements needed to gain a good mark. They are suitable for KS4 and sixth form students, supervising teachers and school librarians. They are highly practical in delivery and are adapted to suit the audience. Guidance includes online databases and eBooks, phone apps as well as more traditional print resources and is supported with links to downloads of the materials used.


The School Library Association host the EPQ course for librarians written by me which can be completed online. It is the equivalent of a half day course and a certificate is issued by the SLA on completion.

SLA Online Course - EPQ

Learning in an Online Digital World

"Thank you so much for your course yesterday. It was really informative and I gained a great deal of useful information. It has really given me a kick start and lots of ideas and levers to use. Have set up a meeting with our IB coordinator for next week                                                  … It’s not often I go on a course and it is ALL useful.”

Not that long ago students just learnt from a few select textbooks. Now there is a huge choice of online and mobile applications available that can be used and downloaded onto many different devices. These courses can cover health and safety and safeguarding, legal aspects, how to select products and case studies showing use in practice. The course can be tailored to specific requirements including eBooks, presentation tools, search engines and more.


This course can be delivered to students, staff, librarians and/or parents and the content varied in accordance with the audience. Downloadable links to the presentation material and handouts are provided.


This course can be adapted for primary and secondary schools

eLearning SLA Book

"Thanks again for such a fun and stimulating session this afternoon!

Everyone rated your talk very highly and particularly liked the easy way in which you put the info across and the useful handouts."


"I was at the course you did recently on Web Tools and Information Literacy and was amazed by the new technologies.I belong to a group of Librarians and we were wondering what other courses you run?"